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Día de juego de los Saints
Día de juego de los Saints
Día de juego de los Saints

New Orleans Saints Football

The New Orleans Saints always give fans something to cheer about

The odds were against the Saints to win the Super Bowl, but in 2010, the team scored its first world championship.

Saints Image
Drew Brees- Saints Game

At the end of game when quarterback Drew Brees took his baby son in his arms, fans cheered and cried. Traffic was halted all over the city most of the night as die-hard and fair-weather fans alike came out to celebrate the boys in the black and gold. That night in New Orleans became a touchstone for a generation. 

Whether the team wins or loses, it remains beloved by all. Residents gather for viewing parties in their houses and favorite bars. Tailgaiting flourishes as an event in itself. “Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints?” 

Cheryl Gerber
Saints Fans

The NFL franchise was announced on Nov. 1, 1966, the Catholic All Saints Day holiday, widely celebrated in New Orleans. What better name to call the team than the Saints? Season ticket holders keep the games sold out but tickets are available via platforms like Stubhub, and are much more reasonably priced than in other NFL cities. Brass bands roam and the food selection is lavish. There’s even a stadium oyster bar. Go to www.neworleanssaints.com for more information.

What is a New Orleans Who Dat?
What is a New Orleans Who Dat?